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Dias de Sousa SA

Dias de Sousa, Lda., created in 1983, is the genesis of Dias de Sousa SA, one of the most important companies in the area of commercialization and technical support of analytical and scientific instrumentation and general laboratory equipment.

We are guided by the highest values of professionalism and ethics, constituting a national reference in the supply of analytical and scientific solutions and general laboratory equipment and respective technical support.

We have an extensive commercial and technical team, with trained, accredited and certified professionals, who provide customer support in their areas with the necessary level of excellence.

Dias de Sousa SA, by your side since 1983 … and for the future!



To be a serious and honest partner, providing valid solutions, in our domain, in order to guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers' needs.

To be a profitable company in order to be able to fulfill our financial and social objectives, which are in permanent development.


To be one of the three main companies in Portugal, supplying the Portuguese market with products and services in the area of analytical and scientific equipment.


  • Be ethical.

  • Be responsible and competent in the development of daily work.

  • Share internally the knowledge acquired with the development of the work.

  • Always aim to satisfy the needs of customers, in all its aspects.

  • Be flexible and cooperative.

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